We don’t do normal at Komodo. But why? Well, we think normal has been overdone; it’s time to start thinking outside the box.

Our Story
On paper, Komodo is a global social and
influencer marketing agency...
but what does that actually mean?
We connect brands and customers together through engaging content and innovative campaigns, whilst collaborating with some of the biggest names in the social sphere.
Using our industry knowledge and years of experience, we’re constantly looking to innovate, push boundaries and redefine the status quo of social and influencer marketing.
With locations across the globe in London, Sydney and LA, our creative team will work closely with you from start to finish, ensuring every experience is unique.
Services Overview
Influencer campaigns are built upon personal relationships. That’s why we have an extraordinary talent network to give your marketing a human touch. We’ll take the stress out of the process with our dedicated influencer campaign models. Combined with our industry-leading insight software, we’ll help you to build a successful influencer campaign that’s completely bespoke to your brand.Learn more
Our travel activations have helped establish us as a global leader in influencer marketing. We’ve carried out over 500 travel activations in locations all across the globe, producing high-quality content that’s designed to stop mindless scrolling and generate engagement. By working with us, you’ll have stand-out content that’s unforgettable, attention grabbing, and actually resonates with your audience.Learn more
Social media is at the very heart of Komodo. We don’t do normal, and our attitude towards social media is no different. Instead, we create unique social media strategies that are designed to grow your audience, reach target demographics, and boost your online presence. All of our packages are tailored to your brand and its goals, ensuring that you get the most out of your social media platforms.Learn more
Not only do we connect influencers with some of the world’s leading brands, but we also offer personalised support for all our talent. We believe in building personal relationships with all the influencers we work with, helping you to develop your career and thrive in this creative industry. Whatever you need, our talent management team will work side-by-side with you to ensure you get the support you deserve.Learn more
We pride ourselves on producing bespoke content and innovative campaigns that stand out from the rest. Creating eye-catching and thumb-tapping content is what helped build our brand from the very start, and it’s something we really love doing. We’ve collaborated with some of the best content creators and brands across the world to produce award winning content campaigns. Rest assured that your content creation is in safe hands with us!Learn more
A Few Brands We Work With
A Few Brands We Work With
A Few Brands We Work With
A Few Brands We Work With
A Few Brands We Work With
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