About Us

We are industry innovators, creative thinkers, full of passionate people & brave players. We are Komodo!

Who we are

our story

We’re a close-knit team that are passionate about creativity & people.

The essence of Komodo is our pursuit for innovation, creation and inspiration across everything we do. That’s why we’re on a mission to change the face of social and influencer marketing.

Komodo was founded by four friends in 2017, bound by a passion for travel, adventure and creating unforgettable content. Over five years later that team has grown into a global family but the passion has stayed the same. We are Industry Innovators, Creative Thinkers, Passionate People, Brave Players. We Are Komodo.

Our team


andy ryan
Co Founder
Freddie strange
co founder
Joe Ellyatt
co founder
nick seymour
co founder
jody acheson
ceo, Australia
Lara ballard
Managing director, UK
LJ O'Grady
head of social & design
monica morton
SVP Global Talent
Kiki Dhitavat
Head of thailand
limor cohen
VP global partnerships
Tom webb
from 4 to over 70 passionate people

How We got here

Nov 2017
Komodo completes first Influencer Activation.
Apr 2018
Komodo launches Talent Division and signs first talent to our roster.
Dec 2018
Komodo completes 18 Travel Activations in one year.
Mar 2019
Komodo opens up second office in Sydney, Australia.
Apr 2019
Komodo completes first award-winning campaign with Jamaica Tourism.
Jan 2020
Komodo opens up third office in Los Angeles, USA.
Apr 2020
Komodo signs 100th client and launches award-winning campaign #thankstotravel.
Mar 2021
Komodo opens up fourth office in Bangkok, Thailand.

Making it 4 offices in 4 continents!

Apr 2022
So what's next?
With a growing family of over 70 passionate people, we aim to help your brand reach that next level.

Join us on our journey.

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