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Komodo’s in-house Talent Management division supports the most inspirational, hard-working and creative influencers from around the world.

Talent management

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Our dedicated team collectively manage a growing global roster of influencers across the globe. We connect our talent with the world's most prestigious brands and carve out strategies to help our talent grow their audiences to achieve their goals and aspirations. We are one global family and every content creator in our portfolio brings with them a fresh energy with their own individual style to ensure our client collaborations and campaigns are cutting edge. We do things differently, we go the extra mile and we present opportunities day after day to take our talent to the next level.

Interested in joining our roster, get in touch to speak to one of the team. Check out our Talent Roster below.

Sasha Morpeth

Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty

Emma MacDonald

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Rosie and Harry

Lifestyle, Trends, Fashion

Kairo Calvitto

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Olivia Mathers

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Effective Spaces

Hacks, Organization, Cleaning

Susie Todd

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle


Dance, Comedy, Trends

Molly Cook

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Aya Al-Chalabi

Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, New Zealand

Kaitlyn Bunton

Family, Lifestyle, Beauty, Travel

Tarsha Whitmore

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Kaela Tavares

Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty

Issy Montenegro

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Gabbi Whipps

Fashion, Beauty, Comedy, Lifestyle

Scarlett Frazer

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Phoebe Chakar

Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, Travel

Bronte Sheppeard

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Lachlan Mitchell

Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

Dylan James O'Brien

Lifestyle, Vlogs, Travel

Starlette Thynne

Fashion, Beauty, Fitness

Rosie Daniels

Wellness, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Bianca Krigovsky

Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty

Harry Potts

Lifestyle, Fashion, Wellness

Kristina Alice

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle