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Komodo’s in-house Talent Management division supports the most inspirational, hard-working and creative influencers from around the world.

Talent management

Representing the best in class

Your audience is global, your team should be too. Our dedicated talent management department selectively manages a growing global roster. We connect our talent with the world’s most sought after and prestigious brands and carve out strategies to ensure we elevate their careers, setting clear steps for us to achieve goals together. We are one global family and pride ourselves in providing a bespoke experience to each talent on our roster.

Interested in joining our roster, get in touch to speak to one of the team. Check out our Talent Roster below.

Alannah and Victor

Fashion / Travel / Lifestyle

Alex Coll

Fashion / Lifestyle / Beauty

Brooke Hewer

Beauty / Fashion / Comedy

Carmie Sellitto

Comedy / Lifestyle / Fashion

Claudine Kehoe

Fashion / Lifestyle / Family

Em & Loz

Fashion / Comedy / Beauty

Erris Burke

Fashion / LGBTQ+ / Beauty

Georgia Heath

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Georgina Lennon

Fashion / Lifestyle

Gigi Vassallo

Fashion / Lifestyle / Beauty

Hannah Miller

Fashion / Beauty / Lifestyle

Hari Beavis

Fashion / Food / Beauty

Isaac Smith

Fitness / Lifestyle / Comedy

Jamie Mankin Lo

Fashion / Lifestyle / Comedy

Marvin Brooks

Wellness / Fashion / Lifestyle / Vegan

Millie McLay

Fashion / Lifestyle / LGBTQ+

Milly G Fit

Fitness / Fashion / Lifestyle

Monty Keates

Comedy / Lifestyle / LGBTQ+

Sarah Ashcroft

Fashion / Lifestyle / Beauty

Tally Sharp

Beauty, Body Positivity, Lifestyle
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