Want the Best Social Media Platform for Business?

February 3, 2021

These days, few people should find themselves asking, “Why use social media for business?”

In fact, with the pandemic still leaving its mark on traditional markets, a better question would be, “Which is the best social media for business?”

First, consider what the needs of your business might be. What is its target audience, and how large should it be? Would you promote it with text? What about images, audio, or video? With all these variables, it might be tempting to try and leap onto whichever platform seems to be the ‘next big thing’, or simply opt for what’s most popular. However, we at Komodo take pride in our social media expertise. After all, we helmed an award-winning viral social campaign. So, let us guide you: this is your whistle-stop tour of some select social platforms, so you can find what’s best for your business.


You’ve used Facebook, don’t deny it. With over 2.8 billion members, it has the largest social media user base worldwide. China is half as populated. Seeing as Facebook’s ad revenue rose by 56% in Q2 of 2021, your business could benefit from its gargantuan reach. However, always remember that (as of July 2021) the current largest share of Facebook’s advertising audience is comprised of people aged 25-34, while people aged 65 and over make up the most rapidly expanding portion of that audience.


The Jekyll to Facebook’s Hyde (or vice versa, depending on who you ask), Twitter has a much smaller user base than its competitor, but still bears 206 million monetizable daily users. Of note is the fact that 70% of Twitter’s worldwide users are reported as male, and that its biggest advertising audience lean to the younger side than Facebook’s, being 25-34 years old on average. One of Twitter’s quirks is its personality-based content. After all, research from 2016 found that 40% of users admitted to making purchases based on influencer tweets.


Now, let’s really talk influencers. Instagram is owned by Facebook, but it has a very different style. Its focus on visual content has resulted in a user base 1.3 billion-strong, all seeking and sharing art, photographs, and videos. When it comes to influencer marketing (our speciality), 39% of brands spend 20% of their budgets on it! As always, when discussing social media platforms for business, we should remember target audiences. Just over 50% of Instagram users are women, and the majority of overall users are aged 25-34.


TikTok may be new, but among its other achievements, it was the most downloaded non-gaming app on Google Play in May 2021. By the same year, it had become the #2 social app in terms of popularity with teens, and a new breed of influencers has emerged as a result. Such talent still overlaps with Instagram, as exemplified by Komodo’s own @tamsinamy, but as TikTok has risen to become the 7th most-used social platform in the world, it’s safe to say that its own influencer scene definitely stands on its own trend-dancing feet. While many brands are still wary of TikTok, it speaks volumes of the platform’s appeal that 25% of American GenZers would have been more likely to use the app if it had ended up banned last year. Keep in mind that the 63% of ads on TikTok with the highest CTR take 3 seconds or less to present their messages.

How Can We Help?

Let’s be honest – this is just the beginning. There are so many options out there for a brand to choose from. If your business needs an experienced team to boost you up online, Komodo have the know-how, even beyond this smattering of socials. We know our influencers, and we can lead your Social Strategy on any platform you choose. For that international feeling, we have travel down to a science, and if you need content creation, we will work in-house to tailor a bespoke selection suited to your needs.

Regardless, however and wherever you plan to promote your business, we hope this quick guide has given you some tips. Most of all, bear this in mind: we at Komodo never do normal, and neither should you.

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