2023 Social Media Trends

February 27, 2023

The INS and OUTS have been discussed, the trends have been forecasted, but what are we as an agency taking from these predictions for 2023? And how do they fit within our current day-to-day work at Komodo? Take a journey with us to map out some of Social Media’s 2023 trends, Komodo Style.

Becoming more efficient using AI

It’s no secret that ChatGPT has exploded onto the scene, with its ability to copy-write and create articles at the ask of a question and the click of an enter button. But towards the end of 2022 we saw some marketers being called out, and negatively associating the platform with lazy, same-y copywriting. With that being said, how canwe use this new efficient technology to our advantage without falling foul of these pitfalls? The answer - whilst we won’t be jumping fully onto the ChatGPT bandwagon, we will be leaning into its AI capabilities to streamline our efficiencies inagency. What does this look like? Think, asking the bot their ideas on a tagline for a creative idea that can then be built on as a team, asking the bot to start a post that you’d otherwise mull over for longer than it takes to write, and considering the million different ways you can start off a new email chain to a brand.

Cementing micro influencers within our social strategies

We’ve been championing micro influencers for as long as we’ve been around, but 2023 is the year that they’re going to come into their own. With a looming recession, some big brands have stepped away from using macro influencers and are now seeing the worth and rationale for using micro influencers to drive brand objectives. Couple with this the boom in TikTok and the popularity of niche sub cultures, these micro influencers are driving an efficient return for the level of spend that’s invested into them by brands.

Increasing social budgets demand a higher level of insight

As social budgets continue to grow, there is increased scrutiny and pressure to ensure that social spending is effective and efficient. A recent study from Hootsuite found a huge 96% reported having some level of confidence in the return on investment of social media. But with this increase in spend, businesses must also have access to accurate and up-to-date data on their programs and initiatives. This requires the development of new metrics and reporting systems, as well as a better understanding of how their social initiatives are impacting the business. We believe in delivering clear-cut data that is visual and easy to understand, which is why we developed Socialyze. This tool allows you to search, discover & compare key influencers and creators for your brand, whilst giving you easily downloadable reports and insight that you can share with your team when apportioning your brands spend for the year. Just another item to check on your to-do list.

TikTok will remain the number 1 platform for brands wanting to drive conversion

Continuing their social media domination, TikTok will double down on becoming the platform for brands to reach their Gen Z audience. With 40% of the gen z audience using TikTok as a search engine over Google and the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hitting 32 billion views by December 2022, the platform is only increasing their use case for brands. But are you unsure of how your brand translates to TikTok? Look no further. We can help you to decipher the platform and its many trends, working to establish your brand authentically. And if you need a case study on how we create and deliver our content, look no further than the Komodo channel.

And I know what you were thinking when reading this; whilst ChatGPT is still front of mind for us as an agency this article was in fact not created using it. And whilst ChatGPT can't write social strategies yet, we can, so if you're looking for help, get in touch

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