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Kellie Sweet

An L.A.-based trailblazer, Kellie Sweet initiated her social media journey a decade ago. Boasting almost 3 million followers, she's the go-to for style, turning looked and a supportive voice of her generation. Her career milestones are faithfully tracked by her dedicated followers, solidifying her as a true OG of social media.

Kellie first captured the spotlight as the host of MTV's hit show "What’s My Secret?" and her charisma later found a home on BET interviewing music artistis such as Chloe Bailey.

This past Year Kellie also launched her own production Company ‘Sweet Productions’ with her first project working with Snapchat on a commissions show “The Fashion Category”

Adding to her ever-evolving narrative, Kellie recently announced her pregnancy to the huge delight of her community. In a manner reminiscent of Rihanna's unapologetic style, she's proving that one can effortlessly rock the fashion scene and conquer the entrepreneurial world while embracing the joys of motherhood.

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