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Jessie Paege

Based in LA, Jessie Paege is a versatile artist and content creator known for her vibrant presence across various media platforms. With millions of social media followers, she's a pioneer in lifestyle and LGBTQ+ content, touching on topics like fashion, mental health, and music. Jessie's genuine and relatable approach has earned her a loyal following who appreciate her advocacy for mental health and LGBTQ+ rights. Her explosive career includes collaborations with brands like Savage Fenty and Amazon, her own collection with Hot Topic, a Tarte Makeup Palette, and two books in Barnes and Noble.

Jessie Paege is not just a digital influencer; she's a talented musician, skilled in both guitar and vocals. Her music combines catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics, often exploring themes of self-identity and self-acceptance.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Jessie is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and LGBTQ+, actively participating in charitable endeavors and collaborations with organizations driving positive change.

With her creativity, authenticity, and advocacy, Jessie Paege continues to inspire and make a lasting impact in digital and real-world communities.

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