Talent Management

Connecting Brands With Market Leading Influencers

Komodo’s Talent Management division focuses on nurturing, growing & supporting the most creative and inspiring group of Influencers from around the world.
We believe that by working collaboratively with them, we are able to develop their careers and allow them to thrive in their creative industries. We offer a refreshing approach to management by offering personalised support for all our Talent.
What’s TheDifference?
Komodo’s in-house Talent Management division supports the most inspirational, hard-working and creative influencers from around the world.

We make it our rule to work extremely closely with every single one of our Talent to create and nurture a family ethos.

Whether you require support on commercial, creative, legal, personal or financial direction, we are on hand to work side-by-side with you in areas that far exceed other Talent Management divisions within the industry.

We handle everything from legal support, to email management and collaboration negotiation to strategic direction. And what’s even better is that we’re able to provide a service that is also different from the rest:
An Extraordinary Network
The Gate-Way to Getaways
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