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Influencer Campaigns

The Komodo Influencer Campaign Models

We know Influencer Campaigns can be fiddly, time-heavy and overwhelming. That’s where we can help…


Komodo offers two Influencer Campaign models that untangle the process. We are an end-to-end solution for any form of Influencer Campaign. No two activations are the same and we’re agile to work around your needs.

How Does It Work?

Komodo works as a Talent Network for you.

Whether you require assistance on one-off casting, a group of long-term ambassadors or support on influencer buy-in, we have a dedicated Talent team who personally know hundreds of prestigious Talent, as well as an internal casting platform that allows us to tap into 104M+ influencers that will fulfil your brief.

Komodo works as a Seamless Extension to your brand.

Komodo handles everything from fee negotiation; product selection & logistics; deliverable scheduling & campaign management so that you can focus on what you do best. We know how to guide the process efficiently and effectively to achieve the optimum results for you.

Komodo works as a Reporting Tracker for future campaigns.

It’s important to keep track of progress and performance. We offer live updates of your current campaign and will deliver a full report at the end of it including accurate data on ROI. We can periodically experiment with new influencers to measure if these generate higher engagement and to ensure your campaign is always seen by the people that matter most to you.

The Komodo Touch

Komodo has spent years developing strong relationships with talent and clients from all across the world. We are known throughout the industry for our quality of service, pride in our work and personal touch with everything we do to represent you!

A Few Brands We Work With

The Komodo Difference










What’s The Komodo Difference?

Komodo is a seamless creative solution for all your influencer campaigns. We are powered by the industries leading search technology as well as a team of dedicated experts that have proven we can achieve any objective, creative and content you want, globally.
Data underpins everything we do as we know this is what feeds your future successes. Have a look at our case studies as we like to let them speak for themselves.