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Sri Lanka’s South Coast Paradise

Sri Lanka, most famous for its tea plantations and vast array of wildlife. Jump on a train and it will be filled with enthusiastic travellers, all with the same question about where they can watch the sunset tonight with a cold beer in hand. The southern province of the island has an abundance of vibrant beach spots to choose from, and the bars take it in turns to host a beach rave that attracts people from Madiha and Weligama, Midigama and Ahangama, and even Colombo. The energy is always frenetic and it’s impossible not to get involved. The good vibes and hectic energy makes the south coast of Sri Lanka one of my favourite places in the world for a beer.

Wijaya Beach

The lunch spot of dreams! We arrived here after the long drive down from Colombo to an array of wide smiles from the locals sat around drinking beers. Although I can’t be sure how good my translation is, I’m pretty sure they were discussing the fact that they had the best cricket team in the world (I thought better of interrupting to defend England’s honour). More to the point – 6 influencers and 4 members of the Komodo crew were hungry! We tucked into the local fish curry, which was to die for; however, a few made the mistake of asking for it ‘mild’ and not ‘extremely mild’. Our western spice taste-buds needed to quickly acclimatise to the local delicacies and the very different levels of chilli torture. A few members of our group opted for a pizza from the wood fired oven, which certainly did not disappoint. This amazing restaurant spills out onto the golden sands of the beach, setting a beautiful scene for your meal. I definitely would recommend this to all visiting the South Coast.

Dream Cabana B&B

When a few local guys started this place they built a rope swing to one of the palm trees.

Little did they know that their small B&B called Dream Cabana would become home to the internet’s most famous rope swing, and one of the most ‘instagrammable’ spots in the world.

There’s an unwritten rule for how to spend your evening there: arrive for sunset, order a Passion Mojito which has more rum in it than is sensible, pay the 500 rupees (£2) fee to use the swing, make your way up to the single foot loop waiting for you at the palm tree – launch yourself off, and throw a shaka for the cameras pointing at you from the beach. This place is an incredible spot to watch the sunset, and produce that jaw-dropping content – a creative’s paradise.

The Doctor’s House

A hostel located in a 200-year-old former Dutch hospital, this is by far one of the coolest spots I’ve ever visited. We were recommended to come here on a Wednesday – little did we know what a Wednesday at TDH meant…surf camp! Luckily after pre-arranging with the owner we were able to miss the mile-long queue. As we walked by, we overheard conversations about how ‘rad’ and ‘gnarly’ the reef breaks had been that day, along with the bloopers edits of the daily wipe outs. We managed to find a rare empty patch on the lawn where the 11 of us could sit and make a base. It felt more like an AA meeting as we sat in a circle taking it all in all, or at least it would have done, if it weren’t for the mango daiquiris that were like heaven in a glass. Pretty sure we were the main contributors to them selling out of mangos…oops! As we sipped, we witnessed another spectacular sunset to add to the list. As it begins to get dark, the place feels as busy as Times Square in rush hour, creating a great vibe! The DJ starts dropping beats at 8pm, and the whole place turns into a dance floor. No doubt, Komodo will be returning.

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