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Komodo’s Weekly Wrap Up (03.02.21)


Social media has become an integral aspect of everyday life. Catching up with friends? Get a pic for the gram. Feel like dancing? Make a TikTok. Got something on your mind? Write a status. Everything we do, can be adapted into the world of social media. That’s why we at Komodo stay up-to-date with all social news and updates to ensure we put our best foot forward and constantly thinking outside of the social realm. Here’s our top trends and stories from this week:


Instagram to test a new feature that restricts users from sharing feed posts to stories 

This feature is to prompt users to create content specifically dedicated to each stream and avoid any duplication across the feed and story. Interestingly, you can share tweets on IG Stories, but you can’t share Instagram posts, while you can also share IGTV previews, but not normal feed updates. Read more about this update on Social Media Today


What content is most likely to appear on a user’s feed on Instagram? 

Would you be surprised to know that video content is 4x more likely to appear on the Instagram Explore page than images? Even further, Reels are a staggering 6x more likely! Instagram favours accounts that keep users on the platform; if you create engaging content, Instagram will help you promote it to the world. Simple right? Time to start shaking it like Carlton! If you would like more strategies that will help you grow your socials in 2021, head over to the Celebrity Access article here

The most liked photo on Instagram hasn’t changed for over 2 years.

Cristiano Ronaldo doing a workout? 14 million likes.

Stormi Jenner in a bubble bath? 15 million likes.

The cast of Friends reunite? 16 million likes.

An Egg? 54 million likes.

 So how did this egg ‘crack’ the leaderboard for Instagram’s most liked photo? This campaign, @world_record_egg set out to ‘scramble’ the end results of Instagram’s most liked photo and truly ‘boil’ Kylie Jenner’s success. However, this internet sensation had a much deeper intention. This iconic egg was used as a universal protagonist, depicting the effects of social media and how this can affect one’s mental health, causing them to potentially ‘crack’. The commercial was produced and aired on the Hulu streaming service, at the iconic Super Bowl. “The pressure of social media is getting to me”, the egg discloses, further expressing that “If you’re struggling too, talk to someone”.

 A clever and innovative form of advertisement, capitalising on the power of social media, this egg is still going strong, thanks to the power of speaking up.

Who knew an egg could ‘crack’ the internet?

What sporting league received 22% more engagement from Instagram reels?

They can play ball and create engaging content, the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams have taken advantage of the new Instagram feature, Reels, through engaging videos, rather than standard videos. The engagements per reel for the teams involved was 22% higher on average than the franchise’s average engagement per Instagram video during the same period of time. Check out their Reels here

The Los Angeles Lakers topped first in engagement on Instagram Reels with more than 385,000 engagements and more than 4.1 million plays in one video.Meanwhile, the Houston Rockets led the league in total plays with over 6.3 million across three videos, pulling them into second place. 

Basketball taking over the Reels game

The most viewed video on TikTok

In the early 2000’s Harry Potter was all the rage. Now two decades later, TikTok is one of the most popular apps of this generation. So why not combine the two icons and create an internet sensation? That’s exactly what Zach King has done with his Harry Potter illusion TikTok that has wrapped up 2.2 billion views.

 With 55.3 million followers and over 600 million likes, Zach continues to thrive in the TikTok world with the passion of “Bringing a little more wonder into the world, 15 seconds at a time”. He has another 3 videos in the top 5 of the most viewed videos, all capitalizing on his popular illusions video. Zach has racked up a total of 4.773 Billion views from these 4 videos alone.

It’s clear to say that TikTok is the new coloured television. Check out the video here and learn how to fly!


TikTok has been banned in India, along with 59 other Chinese-led companies

Tik Tok is everyone’s favourite app…. except India. Yes, India has banned TikTok along with WeChat and 59 other apps from Chinese-led companies, as the activities that individuals can engage with on these apps pose threats to “national security and defence of India”; ultimately “impinging on the sovereignty and integrity of India”. This has been an extremely difficult adaptation for many content creators, who were utilising their TikTok fame as income. Manpreet Manni, a Delhi based content creator, had over a million followers on TikTok and has found it quite difficult to adjust to the change after quitting her full time job to pursue her TikTok career. However, in attempts to adapt, Manpreet is planning on creating her own business in order to facilitate some form of income.


Snapchat’s new feature is about to launch in competition with TikTok.

We all want to be on the “For You Page”, but now you can be on the “Spotlight” page: Snapchat’s new measure to compete with TikTok.

 This new feature allows users to highlight creative posts from users and provide entertainment as people use it. Its aim is to increase reach of videos and broadcasting across the platform. The company also confirmed that as an early incentive for users to try out the new feature, it will give away more than one million US dollars every day until the end of the year to those who create the most-engaged-with Snaps on Spotlight. However, users must be 16 and over where applicable, parental consent to be considered.

 It is clear that TikTok has truly given every social media app a run for its money, with creative video-sharing becoming increasingly popular.

Is Snapchat taking on TikTok?

Is Facebook the new news?

Facebook is becoming the one stop shop, with its brand new ‘news’ feature. Facebook News, a dedicated tab for news on the app, launched its first test run in the US back in 2019. And this week, it has launched in the UK. Facebook users see top headlines of the day along with their own curated feed, as you can personalise your interests and control what news is appearing in your feed. The Facebook News team will share content from authoritative news sources, covering major news cycles. For example, they have created a dedicated COVID-19 section, for accessibility on recent news. The saying “don’t believe everything you see on social media” may not be correct when it comes to Facebook News.


Remember Google?

Good old google, striving to not get forgotten behind Instagram and TikTok as platforms continue to overtake the social media realm. Google is implementing a new measure, whereby you can search TikTok and Instagram short videos, to create an engaging and interactive mode. When users search a variety of terms, normal results appeared, along with the short videos field. By clicking on them, users were taken to the web version of TikTok or Instagram. By adding in this feature, Google will prompt users to stay on the platform thanks to the easy accessibility.


2021 is the year of ‘Social Listening’ 

With the effects of events from 2020 still very much impacting our daily lives, brands are focussing their efforts to follow online conversations and determine whether their voice is needed, or wanted. This goes much beyond just tracking relevant trending topics. An integral part of messaging shared by brands is that it aligns to the audience it is shared with; the creation of more specific customised advertising will be born as brands start to better understand their audiences. Read further about more 2021 social trends here.  


So there you have it. It’s clear to say that the social media world is shifting dramatically every day, and the accessibility of online information is sky-rocketing. TikTok is overtaking most social media platforms with their 15 second videos, as other apps chase after these iconic features to maintain their own high levels of engagement. Let’s see what will unfold this year in the social media realm.


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