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Komodo’s Weekly Wrap (31.03.21)

Before we clock off for the Easter break and devour an abundance of chocolate, let us give you a sugar high on all things social media and business (trust us, you’ll be buzzing!)


Speaking of Easter, we understand that for some of our beloved Komodo followers you may not be able to spend Easter with your loved ones, due to the current status of the world. Even Cadbury understands! Typically, Cadbury holds an Easter Egg hunt, however hasn’t been able to for the past two years due to the pandemic. However, this year the business decided that no matter the situation, we should all be able to have a little Easter Egg hunt, even a virtual one. Whether you want to hide a real egg or a virtual egg, Cadbury have created a virtual easter egg hunt so that no matter where you are or who you are with, you can have an easter egg hunt. All you have to do is head to the Cadbury website, sign up and enter the address where you wish to hide an egg. Unfortunately it is too late to hide a real egg but you are still able to hide a virtual one. Click the link here and get hiding!


How to boost your Instagram 

A recent collaboration between Socialinsider and Sked Social, underwent an analysis of over 102 million Instagram business posts and the stats are in, continue on to discover how to elevate your Instagram.


On your marks, get set, DRAFT

Do you ever create a story, put in the effort but just want to hold off for a bit, which means disregarding the entire story? Well Instagram knows how you feel and is finally in the process of creating story drafts! This has been a highly requested feature by users, so of course Instagram is delivering what the people want.

By drafting stories, this will enable more flexibility for people utilising stories and be beneficial for brands who are looking to post their updates at relevant times. Users will then be able to view them and employ Instagram’s full selection of special features amidst the process of creating their draft. 

Whilst there is no release date, it has been noted that it is coming soon so hold tight!

Using Facebook for good

When it comes to generating awareness, social media appears to be the main source of producing mass engagement and increasing discussion around global issues. Social media users have turned globalised apps to raise awareness and prompt users to donate to certain charities, depending on the global situation. Last week, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook has helped raise over $5 billion through fundraiser tools on social media platforms; $2 billion of that was raised only since February 2020. In 2020 alone, fundraisers accelerated with more than $175 million being raised for COVID-19 related issues through social media. 


You thought we were kidding about NFT? So did NY Times

Last week we touched on the new world of NFT and how people are cashing in big money on this trend. The New York TImes is entering the NFT game, but unintentionally. NYT created an NFT piece as part of a project making light of how people have begun selling art and memes for high amounts of money. 

A digital original of Kevin Roose’s New York Times column, titled “Buy This Column on the Blockchain!” was turned into an NFT and sold in a heated auction, with over 30 bids on the NFT marketplace website Foundation. Yet the NFT parody made $560,000 in the 24-hour auction. However, there has been some speculation surrounding the security of NFT. Recently, there have been reports of buyers and artists having their NFTs stolen on the NFT marketplace website. Creating the question, as to whether buying NFT’s is a larger risk than buying traditional, physical art. 

The piece was an experiement by the publication. Credit:


Doughnuts for the good? Doughnuts for the bad?

In order to lighten the mood around the pandemic, Krispy Kreme announced they would offer free glazed doughnuts to those who have received their COVID-19 vaccination in the USA from March 22 until the end of the year. All you have to do is show your vaccination card and then you are good to go! However, not everyone has seen this offer through a positive lens, rather an ironic one. Obesity is claimed to be one of the primary factors that affect your response to COVID, amidst the pandemic there has been spike in obesity rates worldwide. Critics of the Krispy Kreme promotion have argued it is not wise to incentivise unhealthy eating once consumers have been vaccinated. Former Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen tweeted about Krispy Kreme’s campaign, writing that a person who ate a doughnut every day without making other lifestyle changes could gain 7kg. by the end of the year. Krispy Kreme have responded to the uproar and stated they are not advocating for people to eat a doughnut every day; “Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are an occasional indulgence best enjoyed in moderation”, thus moderation is how an individual establishes a balanced lifestyle.

Do you agree or doughnut agree with a Krispy reward?


2020: The year of sweatpants and endless video games

Get your controllers ready!

2020 saw a year of creating new habits and finding new interests. One of the biggest time killers that escalated: the world of gaming. In 2020, the average amount of time spent playing video games was 6 hours a week, yet ironically this was a decrease to the 7 hours the year before. Perhaps the novelty of being able to play during a work meeting wore off. However, one thing that did increase was its value. 2020 saw the biggest money making year in the world of entertainment. In fact, the gaming industry’s value increased to $162.32 billion in 2020. If this trajectory continues, the world of online gaming is set to increase to $300 billion over the next five years.


From TV screens to iPhone screens, TikTok has become a big focus for ESPN

As TikTok continues to prove its effectiveness when it comes to marketing, businesses continue to jump on the bandwagon. In the past year, ESPN saw the second-biggest spike in new followers among brands, behind Netflix, by utilising TikTok. With 14 million followers, ESPN shares videos of “feel-good” moments in sports whilst also participating in day-to-day trends to build their audience and maintain high levels of engagement. Not only that, the company has also utilised the power of influencer collaborations with famous TikTok influencers, such as Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. In order to maintain their high levels of engagement, ESPN posts on average 12 videos a day, with a team of 60 people who solely work on content creations for their social platforms. Showing that it takes a team of great minds to create magic.

@espnHe made this look easy 😳 (via timtszyu/Instagram)♬ original sound – ESPN

Influencers are capitalising on Clubhouse’s rise

Clubhouse still remains a mystery to most. However, to those who are a part of its exclusive invite list, they are utilising its prominence. Last week the micro influencer, Lissette Calveiro hosted a room; “The Value of Influencer Platforms”. Calveiro’s exclusive room speaks about the ins and outs of the creator realm and how influencers actually make their money. Ironically, whilst hosting this room, Calveriro was making money. Yep, that’s right. The influencer marketing platform, Izea sponsored the room to help promote its Shake marketplace, a modern influencer marketplace that allows creators to offer their services.

But the question is, how can one charge for Clubhouse? In a recent article, Business Insider reported Calveiro charges $1,000 for an hour long room, with normal rates ranging from $200 to $2,500. Giselle Ugarte, a consultant, marketer and live-event producer (and also considered an influencer) has over 22,000 followers on Clubhouse. Ugarte collaborates with sponsors and coaches brands and public figures about how to use Clubhouse, with her rates ranging from $750 an hour to $5,000 a day for bigger projects. Big things are on the horizon for this app, get ready to hear this (audio-only) space!


And that’s a wrap for this week and Happy Easter from the Komodo Team! Now go and enjoy all the chocolate you desire…

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