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Komodo’s Weekly Wrap (17.03.21)


Oh hey, fancy seeing you here! Kidding, we knew you wouldn’t be able to resist all the social and marketing juice.

So let’s stop the chat and let’s spill the wrap!


Who run the world…

With last week marking the annual International Women’s day anniversary, LinkedIn has launched their own learning courses for women. In the 2020 Association of National Advertisers report, it stated that 52% of CMOs are now women! Look at us go…

The gender barrier in the workplace has been an issue for centuries, but as the world evolves, slowly women are becoming more recognised for their strength in the workplace. And LinkedIn is noticing. In accordance with IWD, LinkedIn created five popular learning courses for women, available for free for a limited time.

Greater accessibility to education (and free education) on how to handle the workforce is a small and significant step in breaking down the barriers that are holding women back from achieving high leadership positions.


It’s 2021

Surely we are still not having the issue of diverse representation…

Yet, we are. As individuals demand the world of marketing and advertising to branch when it comes to their diversity.

When creating advertisements, it’s important that businesses attract all audiences. Too often marketing campaigns and advertisements are targeted at the same personas. What we mean by this, is there is no diversity within the advertisement, across many areas including race, gender, sexual orientation and people with disabilities.

Whilst there has been progression there is still oppression, as some audiences still feel like they don’t “see themselves” in advertisements. In fact, 54% of consumers surveyed stated they do not feel fully culturally represented in advertising, and 71% expect brands to promote diversity and inclusion in their advertising.

By incorporating more diversity within advertising, businesses receive high levels of credibility. So it’s time to wake up to the 21st century and remember that love makes the world go round, so love diversity and love everyone.


Twitter’s new feature, most likely inspired by Trump…

Do you think Trump ever laid awake at night and thought, I really shouldn’t have shared that Tweet? You’re right, probably not. But even so, Twitter is catering for those with common sense with their brand new “undo” option.

Now when posting a Tweet, twitter is providing a new option which will enable you to recall your tweet within a 5-second window – enough time to really evaluate what you are posting and double check those spelling errors.

Twitter is still in the process of finalising this addition, and hope it will be a valuable addition to the flock.


Start saving those penny’s

Influencer marketing has been on the rise since 2018, and now it is expected that brands will spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. It is safe to say influencer marketing has overtaken any billboard, tv commercial or newspaper advertising.

If Kylie Jenner told me that she tried the best strawberries ever and where to get them from, of course I would want to try “the best strawberries ever” Kylie Jenner said so.
Often we are influenced by word of mouth, so it was inevitable that with the rise of social media, came the rise of influential marketing.


Anyone else over social media hate?

Chaz Mostert is a firm believer of anti-bullying and does not enable any form of bullying. He has recently started a social media movement by posting a pink tile on his Instagram to represent his stand for cyberbullying with the hashtag, #nosocialhate.

Why though?
Because Mostert has been disappointed by negative comments by fans directed at drivers and teams stating “I think it’s cowardly and pathetic in my eyes”.
He went on affirming “enough is enough and I’m not gonna shy away from the issue that’s put in place”

Either way, Komodo is here to back Mostert every step of the way.


Instagram really does hear everything

Instagram is in the process of testing out a new ‘Closed Captions‘ sticker for IG Stories, which will generate automated captions for your stories in a range of text formats.

How will it work?
Once you add the ‘Caption’ sticker to your video, you will then notice a ‘transcribing audio’ prompt on your screen. Then, you’ll be able to view the text from your video which displays in time with your speech.

it is still unknown when this feature will be launched but it is in the process of slowly merging onto some peoples Instagram’s.


Hey Alexa, play ‘We are the Champions’

There is nothing more annoying than going to find a song on social media, to find it has no license.

That’s why Songclip is here to save the day. They have raised an astonishing $11 million to bring more licensed music to social media.

The startup has created an API which will be integrated with other apps and allow users to search for and share music!

All Songclip has to do is its own tagging and clipping, offer tools for music labels to protect intellectual property and provide data on how people interact with music – and with their funding money, this will be a piece of cake!


#hashtagsarecool #hashtagfordays

When it comes to engaging and being discovered by new audiences, Instagram still preaches that hashtags are the MVP.

However, it is important that these hashtags are relevant! There is not benefit in putting #acai on a picture of a dog. The right hashtags help put your content in front of your target audience, even if you have never engaged with them before.

Another thing to remember, is that the power of hashtags is only beneficial to those with public accounts. Private accounts won’t be reached, as they are obviously private.

Want to guess what the top hashtag is of 2021 so far…?


And that’s the wrap for this weeks weekly wrap!

Tune in next week for some more spicy news on all things business and social media.

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