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Komodo’s Weekly Wrap (07.04.21)

After the long Easter weekend, we are filled with chocolate and roast dinner ready to share our favourite social media and influencer trends of the week!


The results are in for the Q1 2021 most downloaded app. And the reigning champion is…


No matter how much criticism, backlash and even legal bans in certain countries, TikTok still remains the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2021. Holding onto its growth momentum over the past year, TikTok has accumulated a total revenue of $110 million in 2021. In February 2021 alone, 56 million people downloaded the application on the Google play store and the Apple app store. However, in saying that, majority of society has already downloaded monster-apps Facebook and Instagram, skewing the download statistics and ultimately not showcasing its popularity through usage. It terms of monthly active users, TikTok remains in the top 5, coming in at 5th place.


Instagram is expanding IGTV ads to the UK and Australia

Instagram has just announced the expansion of IGTV ads in the UK and Australia, after months of tests in the US. This measure will allow selected creators to active ads on their IGTV uploads. Initially, IGTV’s didn’t kick off as successfully as Instagram had anticipated and since Instagram, has been incorporating new measures to encourage users to utilise IGTV’s. Hence, by allowing content creators to incorporate paid ad measures into IGTV’s, Instagram will increase IGTV’s popularity and ultimately could provide opportunities for monetisation and growth.


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The Smartphone market is a 2-horse race

Apple and Samsung are known for being the two prominent and popular smartphone companies in the world. However, for other smartphone businesses it is beginning to become difficult to keep up with these industry giants who appear to be elevating the game every year with a new element of digital and functionality design. And now, LG is bowing out of the smartphone market after stating that the industry has become “highly competitive”. Once one of the top five smartphone makers, LG has failed to stand its ground as Samsung and Apple continue to dominant the US market, making up 81% of the smartphone market. However, when analysed, Apple accounts for 65%, whilst Samsung is responsible for 16% of the market. Thus placing LG in third place with 9% of the market. Overall, this is just the beginning and LG is just the first casualty in this race for top place.


“Don’t forget to like and subscribe”

For years, online hate has been a prevalent issue on social media platforms but one platform that has never been in the spotlight as such, is YouTube. Have you ever really thought about the implications when your ‘dislike’ a video? Imagine being a creator and seeing that over a thousand people have disliked your video. Imagine how that would affect the persons confidence when creating and uploading future content. It has also been considered that by people disliking videos, it may evoke others to follow in their footsteps if the dislikes are higher than the likes. Hence, YouTube is testing the removal the dislike counts on videos, in attempts to reduce the impact of negative behaviours on the platform. That’s not to say the dislike button is going anywhere, but the number is. Creators will still see their like and dislike counts in their own personal analytics, and viewers can still like or dislike videos, however the number will be kept private. Similar to Instagram’s removal of the public like count, YouTube is striving to decrease the negative stigma, allowing creators to feel more comfortable and ease the stress when sharing videos.

Xbox has been crowned the Winner of Twitter’s first-ever Brand Bracket Competition

Twitter has created a new competition called the ‘Brand Bracket‘ Competition. So what does that really mean? Brands are going head-to-head in a ‘best tweet competition’ whereby Twitter will then determine the best-tweeting brand on the platform. And this year the winner is… Xbox! Yep, ironic that the video gaming business, has won the game. The company’s Twitter handle boasts 15.9 million followers, with over 33 tweets a day. But it wasn’t just their consistent dedication to the game that resulted in Xbox’s victory, it was inevitable their consistent engagement with followers, by replying and responding to mentions on the platform. Highlighting how important it is for a business to increase their engagement by engaging with their fan community. So what does winning Twitter’s first ‘Brand Bracket’ competition mean for Xbox? Xbox will get a special trophy to mark their victory, and not to mention an immense amount of free publicity, as Twitter will be running digital billboards announcing Xbox’s success. Overall, it’s fair to say, that this win was more than a two-player win, as Xbox’s fan based community was a main contributor in their victory, highlighting the importance of community management to increase engagement.

Clubhouse continues to level up their game

It attempts to create a monetise appeal, Clubhouse has created a direct payment option for listeners to support creators. However, this won’t be available to all creators immediately, as Clubhouse is in the process of testing this feature to ensure that everything runs smoothly for users. And the most important aspect that Clubhouse wants stressed – they are not taking a cent from these donations. Clubhouse has also hinted at more monetisation features that are in the the production process, with this feature being “the first of many features that allow creators to get paid directly on Clubhouse”.


The easiest way to make $2.9 million

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey shared his first tweet, that simply read “just setting up my twttr”. The tweet was turned into the current craze, NFT and sold for 1,630.58 ether, a cryptocurrency that equates to $2.9 million. Dorsey has stated they he will convert the proceeds to bitcoin and then donate the funds to GiveDirectly’s Africa Response fund.

In an ever-changing and growing world of social media, who knows what will be news next week… See you then!

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