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Komodo’s Top 5 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in 2020

A Snapshot of Komodo’s Marketing Campaigns in 2020

Here at Komodo, we live and breathe Influencer Marketing. We create world-class content and award-winning campaigns with the biggest creators around. With 2500+ personal relationships developed directly with influencers and 500+ activations executed, it’s safe to say that we are experts within the influencer field. However, as we go full force in 2021, it’s time to look back at the top 5 influencer marketing campaigns of 2020.


67 Shades of Dior

Dior launched their Forever Foundation complete with 67 colour shades to champion diversity. Activating 67 micro-influencers across 15 key e-commerce territories to match each influencer to one of the 67 foundation shades, making it one of the most inclusive campaigns to date. Through smart technology and utilising a digital shade finder they hand-picked the perfect talent. The campaign was launched over 67 days, with a different influencer and foundation shade posted each day. These were cross promoted across both Dior’s and the influencers’ social channels, resulting in 290 pieces of content created, 591K engagements, 1.85 million impressions and a 2.6 million in campaign reach. It was the perfect embodiment of diversity, originality and individuality.

As well as this, the campaign highlighted the importance and effectiveness of utilising modern technology in influencer marketing. Here at Komodo, we use an AI technology platform which allows all our campaigns to be meticulously monitored and measured using a unique set of platforms designed to discover, activate, manage and measure the success of each campaign. Utilising technology is now crucial to the success of any influencer marketing campaign. Want to learn more? Get in touch with the team here at Komodo. We are passionate that humans + technology = success for your brand.

Natalie Portman for Dior Forever Skin Foundation


160over90 for Puma

To tap into the Gen-Z football-obsessed market, Puma teamed up with ‘Under the Radar FC’, a YouTube football team featuring YouTube star Manny and other well-known gaming influencers. Using Manny’s platforms to create bespoke content, followers were taken behind the scenes of the football matches, with Puma content being promoted. Puma created a bespoke home kit for the UTR FC, whereby they had free reign on design, creating a pattern which aligned with the club colours of black and red. As a result, the team acquired over 11m views across platforms and over 500K engagements.


the projects* for Hotels.Com: Not Your Usual #TravelPorn

Tasked with the brief to lead an Insta-worthy travel campaign without actually using any travel influencers, this campaign featured two non-travel creators, Wally Koval and Dolly Pawton at the head of the campaign. Bored of the same sunset shots, drink-in-hand classic traveller posts, wanted to create something different. Thus, both Wally and Dolly shared their travel experiences through a distinctive lens. With Wally immersing himself into Japanese culture and Dolly taking to the streets of New York, they both shared daily Instagram content, basing their stories around The campaign generated 90 posts and stories which led to 4.1 million organic impressions and a social reach of 1.3 million.

This highlighted the importance of targeting influencers in verticals beyond your own. Rather than targeting the traditional influencer sometimes it’s more beneficial to tap into niche influencers who fall outside your normal scope. As a result, you are able to reach audiences outside of our target market, bringing onboard more potential customers. For example, take our January campaign with George at Asda. Rather than using typical fitness influencers we used professional dancers, paying homage to the ‘Made to Move’ campaign tagline. As a result, we created a colourful, dance-inspired fitness campaign that was out-of-the box and different to anything done before. This was subsequently broadcasted across 2,000+ billboards across the UK and 350 Asda stores across the UK, the Channel Islands, Malta and Romania.

AWA and Dolly Pawton are certainly not your regular travel influencers


Komodo for ASOS: ASOS Luxe & Dark Futures Launch

To launch ASOS’ brand new product range, Dark Futures (menswear) and Luxe (womenswear), Komodo commissioned over 60 influencers across the UK in order to create content and promote collections with the goal of building awareness and driving sales. Using high-reaching and high-converting influencers including Luke Trotman and Sarah Ashcroft, each influencer created content which was repurposed across multiple social platforms. The results; over 33 million in social reach, 10 million engagements and 20 million impressions. The campaign was a great success with eye-catching content created in the process; check out our full blog post on the campaign here.


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The Absolut Company: Planet Earth’s Favourite Vodka

To promote Absolut’s mission of sustainability and solidify their ‘Planet Earth’s Favourite Vodka’ positioning, Absolut created a series of influencer activations to drive awareness and create a buzz around the Absolut brand. Creating an ‘activist army’ composed of 95 people, the campaign took place over 8-months and was comprised of 8 different influencer activations. Across these campaigns, a total of 612 posts were generated which resulted in 68 million impressions and 8.6 million total engagements.

Influencer marketing has clearly been a success in 2020 and it’s definitely on the rise for 2021. With spending estimated to reach $15 billion, brands should no doubt be investing in this now. Don’t know where to start? Contact the team at Komodo. From influencer campaigns and paid partnerships, to content creation and talent management, we are the self-proclaimed experts in the influencer field.

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