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Komodo Talent: Post-Lockdown Travel Destinations

Dreaming of your post-lockdown travels? I know we are…


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With many of us confined to our homes over the last few months, it’s no surprise that we’ve started to develop a serious case of wanderlust; turning to Instagram, TikTok and numerous travel websites for holiday ideas and inspiration.

As we start to look ahead to post-lockdown life and countries around the world look to reopen their doors to travel and tourism, we can’t help but dream of the destinations we’ll be ready to visit once it’s safe to jet off again.

With the light at the end of the tunnel finally starting to become more visible, we’re here to get those travel juices flowing and keep your spirits high during these tough times! We’ve asked Komodo’s Talent Roster from all around the globe to give us an insight into their top top travel destinations to visit once the world re-opens again.


Sarah Ashcroft, @sarahhashcroft

Destination: Italy

Why: Because I’m in love with the place and want to explore more, also… The Wine!


Malaika Terry, @malaikaterry

Destination: I’m definitely wanting to visit Asia, specifically Bali or Thailand.

Why: I’ve been in quarantine in Toronto all year, and am dying for some sun!


Lilia Weddell, @liliaweddell

Destination: I can’t wait to go back to Mykonos, Greece.

Why: My favourite place in Europe and such a great vibe. The food, the people, the town and the beaches. I just can’t wait!


Take a sneak peak into Komodo’s travels to Mykonos here:


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Shenny Kaplan, @shennykaplan

Destination: I would love to visit Ibiza, one of the beautiful Balearic Islands.

Why: What is better than getting dressed up in a bikini and heels, whilst partying at a beach club with the scorching sun on your skin? It has been a while since I got glamorous and partied and those are the things I am looking forward to the most and I cannot wait to make

more memories and experiences with my Komodo Family


Alex Coll, @alexxcoll

Destination: First stop will be the hairdressers! But after that I really want to go back to Greece.

Why: It’s one of my favourite places for a getaway. I love the food, the chilled vibe and the fact there are so many islands to explore.


Georgia May Heath, @georgiamayheath

Destination: I’d probably say I’d love to go to the Maldives.

Why: Because one, I’ve always wanted to go and two, I think it looks so beautiful and peaceful and euphoric!


Komodo have executed a number of travel activations and campaigns for clients and brands in the Maldives over the last few years, and it’s safe to say it’s a destination we won’t be forgetting any time soon! Here are just a few shots we captured on our travels:


Nini Nguyên, @ninninguyen

Destination: Bali!

Why: I just love everything about Bali. It’s definitely been my favourite location of all time and I really loved how relaxed and calm that place made me feel.


Samantha Rayner, @samantharaynerx

Destination: L.A and Dubai

Why: L.A for work because I love shooting and networking there, and Dubai for fun because I’ve never been and it looks amazing!


Kaela Tavares, @kaelatavares_

Destination: Somewhere tropical and relaxing like Bora Bora or the Maldives!

Why: To escape the city life and rush here in Sydney, and because they have both been on my travel bucket list since young.


Tarsha Whitmore, @tarsha.whitmore

Destination: LA!

Why: Because I’ll finally be 21!


Anyang Deng, @anyang_deng

Destination: The first place I’d like to travel to once we’re allowed is the Maldives!

Why: Because I’ve always had a deep fascination with islands and would love to experience some of that island life firsthand.


Cartier Surjan, @cartiersurjan

Destination: First place I’d jump on a plane to would be Croatia, to visit all around the coastline!

Why: It’s where all my family is from. Since covid I’ve really reflected  on missed opportunities. It was a place I’d say I’ve always wanted to go but never did I put it into action because I thought I had all the time in the world.  I want to see for myself how the colour of the ocean is just as blue as the sky.


Ariella Nyssa, @ariellanyssa

Destination: Maldives!

Why: My boyfriend and I already have a trip ready to go once the restrictions are gone. It is my dream travel destination and I really want to swim with the sharks!


Madison Woolley, @madisonwoolley

Destination: Probably a trip to Europe, definitely Italy & Greece

Why: Two of my favourite countries I’ve ever visited. They’re both so pretty and the food is amazing.


Looking to increase awareness and build brand recognition, or simply ready to smash sales targets post-lockdown? Komodo offer unrivalled travel activations, inspired by our mantra ‘never do normal’. Our experience in planning and executing over 500 activations worldwide has led us across continents to some of the most incredible places on earth to shoot content for our clients that stops mindless scrolling and reaches and engages a mass audience.

Creating lifelong memories, building unbreakable bonds and bringing brands to life through experiences is a magic unique to Komodo and a magic that lives both on and off the gram. Get in touch with the Komodo Team to find out more about how you can take your brand to the next level with one of our globally renowned travel activations post-lockdown!


Take a sneak peek into a Komodo activation here:


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