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5 Best Workout Spots In Miami

Health and fitness might not be the first thing that enters your head when you think of Miami, but it should be a close second. With great weather for the majority of the year as well as the beach being a prominent part of the city, every time you walk outside you’ll likely see people taking part in some sort of physical activity.

Thanks to this, the options for a work out are almost endless. So we thought we’d make it easier for you and list our top five!

1. South Beach:

Specifically, Lummus Park. It is one of the most famous outdoor gyms in the USA, and for a good reason. Head down here at any time of the day and you’ll see some remarkable physical feats, as this is known to many as the best calisthenics spot around. Equipped with plenty of pull up bars, parallel bars and much more – there’s even a tyre to flip if you’re feeling up to it!

This area also hosts biking and running trails as well as playgrounds and plenty of volley ball courts! Just head down and take your pick.

2. Miami Iron Gym:

Their motto “respect the old school” says it all. This is definitely a no nonsense gym and walking in is a throwback to the golden age of bodybuilding; it still hosts an impressive amount of top level competitors to this day. Open 24 hours a day and housing equipment for muscles you didn’t even know existed, it is definitely worth paying the $10 day-pass for the experience.

3. DBC Fitness:

DBC is on the other end of the spectrum with its basis being in science. They value attention to detail with each client through their many strength and conditioning coaches. DBC is a firm favourite of athletes such as LeBron James and Dwayne Wade as well as plenty of other celebrities. This gym would definitely class as a high performance centre so get down to the Design District if you’re looking for results fast!

4. Flamingo Park:

If you are in the mood for something a little more old-school, then Flamingo Park is the place for you. The centre of the park is an outdoor basketball court so make sure to bring a ball down and be ready to work up a sweat in the Miami heat. Just to the side of the bleachers are exercise stations such as parallel bars and chest press so you can complete your total body workout!

5. Anatomy:

For those who prefer the finer things in life, Anatomy gym on South Beach really have thought of everything. Equipped with all the gym fixtures you could ever need to reach your goals, Anatomy also offers a rooftop work out area (very Miami) as well as a luxury spa, vitamin infusion therapy and they even have valet parking! Anatomy really is the gym that will ruin other gyms for you.

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